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Choose any one salad


Fresh Garden (V, DF)   mixed greens, onion, tomato, cucumber + carrot  served with ranch, french dressing + vinaigrette 

Caesar  chopped romaine, parmesan + crouton with creamy caesar dressing

Greek (V)  chopped romaine, kalamata olives, red onion, pepperoncini + feta cheese with greek vinaigrette     + $2 per person



Summer Berry (V)  mixed greens, seasonal berries, crumbled blue cheese + toasted almonds with champagne vinaigrette     + $2 per person

Autumn Apple (V)   mixed greens, sliced apple, dried cranberry, candied pecans + gorgonzola with balsamic vinaigrette     + $2 per person

Winter Walnut (V)   spinach + arugula, roasted beets, toasted walnuts + goats cheese with balsamic vinaigrette     + $2 per person 



Choose any two proteins


Beef Tenderloin   tarragon-shallot custard     $52 per person          

Beef Short Rib (GF, DF)   rosemary cabernet sauvignon reduction    $48 per person  

Stuffed Pork Loin  (GF, DF) roasted pear chutney     $38 per person  

Airline Chicken Breast (GF)  bone in, crispy skin, mushroom champagne crema     $36 per person

Salmon   honey sriracha soy glaze     $38 per person 

Chilean Seabass (DF)  blistered tomato basil sauce + toasted garlic panko crumbs  (available seasonally)     Market Price 

Alaskan Halibut (DF)  blistered tomato basil sauce + toasted garlic panko crumbs  (available seasonally)     Market Price

Butternut Squash Ravioli (V) *   sage brown butter    $34 per person  

Wild Mushroom Risotto (VG, GF) *- served with vegan bread + vegan butter     $42 per person 

*Vegan + Vegetarian options available only to those with dietary restrictions. These items can only be offered in addition to your two proteins, not as a main entrée selection.


Beef Short Rib (GF, DF)   rosemary cabernet sauvignon reduction    $48 per person  

Stuffed Pork Loin (GF, DF)   roasted pear chutney     $38 per person  

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (GF)  mushroom champagne crema     $36 per person

Dual-meat buffets are priced at the higher priced meat. 



Choose any two sides

Roasted Seasonal Vegetables (VG, GF)   olive oil + fresh herbs  

Sauteed Green Beans (V,GF)   garlic thyme butter

Roasted Red Potatoes (V,GF)   rosemary garlic

Minnesota Wild Rice (V,GF)   herbed butter 

Grilled Asparagus (V,GF)   lemon garlic butter     + $2 per person 

Roasted Baby Carrots (V,GF)   maple whiskey glaze     + $3 per person

Cheese Broccolini (V,GF)   melted gruyere cheese     + $3 per person

Roasted Sweet Potatoes (V,GF)   paprika brown sugar     + $2 per person

Rustic Smashed Potatoes (V,GF)   garlic parmesan     + $2 per person

Creamy Risotto (V,GF)   garlic parmesan cream     + $3per person



For children 10 years of age and younger (plated option only, no buffet)

*One entree choice for all youth attendees 

Chicken Tenders  french fries + ketchup    $15 per child

Mini Corn Dogs   french fries + ketchup     $15 per child

Personal Pizza   5in cheese pizza    $15 per child

Mac n Cheese   macaroni pasta + house made cheese sauce     $15 per child 

Pasta + Meatballs    penne pasta + tomato sauce     $16 per child

Grilled Chicken   teriyaki sauce, rice + baby carrots     $16 per child



Butler passed $4 per person fee

Bacon Gorgonzola Artichoke Dip   baguette + crackers     $3.25  ea. 

Pot Stickers (GF, DF)   honey sriracha soy dipping sauce     $1.50  ea.

Korean Meat Balls (DF)   sesame seeds     $1.50 ea.           

Vegetable Spring Rolls (V, DF)    asian chili sauce     $2.50 ea. 

Italian Stuffed Mushrooms (V)   parmesan panko + italian herbs     $2.00 ea. 

Caprese Bruschetta (V)   tomato, basil, mozzarella + balsamic glaze     $2.25 ea.

Goats Cheese + Berry Bruschetta (V)   ellsworth honey     $2.50 ea.

Prosciutto Brie Bruschetta   fig jam     $3.00 ea.

Caprese Skewers (V, GF)   cherry tomato, mozz ball, basil leaf + balsamic glaze     $3.00 ea.

Charcuterie Skewer (GF)  olive, cheese, grape, prosciutto, artichoke heart + cherry tomato     $5.00 ea.

Bacon Wrapped Figs (GF, DF)   fig jam     $3.75 ea.

Baked Brie Bite (V)   brie, puff pastry + rosemary cranberry jam     $3.75 ea.

Salmon Cucumber Bite (GF)   caper berry, red onion + dill cream on cucumber slice     $5.00 ea.

Peppered Sirloin Crostini   caramelized onions, melted gorgonzola     $6.50 ea.

Crab Cake (DF)   sriracha aioli     $7.00 ea.


Each platter serves approximately 50 people 

Farmers Market (V)    seasonal fruits with honey mascarpone + seasonal vegetables with a dill ranch dip     $160

Deli Meat + Cheese   assorted deli meats, cheeses, crackers + mustards     $180

Hummus Trio    red pepper hummus, cilantro-jalapeno black bean hummus + sriracha hummus with julienned vegetables + pita crisps     $220

Charcuterie    assorted cured meats, cheeses, nuts, olives, dried fruits, crackers, bread, chocolates, mustards + jams     $300

Smoked Salmon Board    assorted smoked salmon, capers, onions, cream cheese, fresh dill dip + artisan crackers     $300



Pizza    cheese   $15 ea.   |   pepperoni or sausage   $16 ea.   |    pepperoni + sausage   $16 ea.    |   sausage, pepperoni, onions + peppers   $17 ea.

Dry Rubbed Chicken Wings (GF, DF)   10lbs chicken wings with bbq, buffalo sauce + ranch     $220

Pulled Pork Nacho Bar   house fried tri color tortilla chips, queso blanco, black beans, roasted corn, chopped onions, diced tomatoes, pulled pork, shredded cheddar + sour cream     $14 per person



Italian Pasta   chicken alfredo, pasta bolognese, roasted zucchini + squash, tossed garden salad with italian dressing + garlic bread rolls     $28 per person

Backyard Barbecue   grilled BBQ Chicken, slow roasted ribs, cornbread muffins, broccoli cranberry salad, corn on the cob, rustic potato salad, mac n cheese + baked beans     $30 per person       

Mexican Fiesta   chicken + steak fajitas, peppers, onions + tortillas with elote, spanish rice, black beans, pico de gallo, chips, salsa, guacamole + queso     $28 per person 



Outside food may be brought in for the morning of if purchased from a licensed vendor. Alcoholic beverages however, must be purchased through The Aisling - no exceptions

Mimosa Bar   champagne + orange juice    $7 per person/per round ​

Bloody Mary Bar   Tito's vodka, Miss Mary's Bloody Mary Mix + pickle spear     $11 per person/per round       

Beer + Seltzer Pack   choose any 6 canned beer + seltzers   $25 per 6 pack

Yogurt Parfait (V)   vanilla yogurt, granola, fresh berries + honey     $9 ea. 

Pastry Board (V)    mini assorted pastries     $30 

Croissant Sandwich Platter    butter buns with ham, turkey + cheese - condiments + lettuce, tomato, onion+ chip assortment   $7 per person

*All Appetizer Platters available in half + quarter sizes   

**During golf season you may also order pre-determined entrees from our Restaurant menu - please inquire for most recent menu

V - Vegetarian          VG - Vegan         GF - Gluten Free         DF - Dairy Free

Check out our Wedding Beverages here. 


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